Coin and Feather

Many people, in many walks of life, suffer, or have suffered, from mental illness, as I have – there is often a stigma around mental illness that drives people suffering to keep the knowledge of their illness within themselves and not talk about it: talking is one of the best ways to recover from a mental illness. Coin and Feather is a site dedicated to the memory of Gay’s nephew, Tyrel, who committed suicide on 2nd January, 2010. Coin and Feather is there for people suffering, to know there are others out there, some still suffering, some recovering and some recovered – whether you are ever fully recovered is a big question but things can turnaround and Coin and Feather is there to allow Ty’s memory to live on and to help people realise they are not alone. Please visit and leave comments if you feel moved to.

I got in touch with Gay asking her if she would like to add one of my poems to her site which has some incite into my struggles: she accepted my offer and has posted my poem Venture.

Gay is a lovely lady, doing a wonderful thing, if you can, please support the site.


6 thoughts on “Coin and Feather

  1. Thanks Nik, if you get a chance go and have a look, it’s a blog that I’ve read nearly all of, and I don’t know if you’re the same, I don’t do that very often …

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