First Poetry Reading

I’ve been going to a local poetry group for a couple of months [when I’m not working nights which I have been doing for the last two meetings]: we meet two Tuesdays a month, normally second and fourth Tuesdays. Tomorrow night will be the first time I will have read any of my poems to anyone other than my wife and boys, my wife has graciously been listening to me reading them to her tonight. I’ve decided on two poems [if there’s time for two], they are poems from my book Adrift in a Mind; 1. Christinaki is a poem I wrote about a mayday call the ship I was serving in while I was in the Royal Navy answered during very rough seas in the North Atlantic in 1994 [we never got there in time]; and Layman’s Creed and all that [Easter next week, and all that], a poem I wrote while thinking about when I used to go to church, and why I didn’t go anymore: I couldn’t agree with standing up and repeating the bit I believe in one God, I don’t believe there is a God, so I found that quite difficult to continue saying, week after week.

I’m a bit nervous as I’ve never read my poems in front of people before, I was a bit nervous reading them to Fiona but when I got in the swing of it, I quite enjoyed it, so let’s hope it could be the start of a wonderful relationship.

I’ll post tomorrow night or Wednesday and let you know how it went. If you don’t hear from me again, it didn’t go well.


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