Contrary to Reason: SJ Murphy

Photograph by James Rainsford


You’ve been here before but they weren’t your feet,
Your heart knew this place but not your head,
You’d seen the dark but your heart knew the light,
The bars, they caged but eyes soared, on eagle’s wings.

A heart locked in the dark, behind iron bars,
But the head knew the light, that waited,
The light so strong, pulling, like a calling,
When you get the calling, it has to be heeded.

Search for the light that was hidden, on eagle’s wings,
Locked behind bars, the heart aching freedom,
Freedom of the heart, rare … overwhelming,
To know the freedom, contrary to reason.


This poem has been written for One Stop Poetry’s One Shoot Photography Sunday: James Rainsford’s Poetry Challenge ~ please stop by OSP, they run some fantastic challenges, I’m loving it!


10 thoughts on “Contrary to Reason: SJ Murphy

  1. evocative image ~ used it too ~ you really caught that glow that light ‘pulling like a calling’ ~ and on ‘eagles wings’ ~ I too read this more than once ~ loved it ~ Lib ~ @libithina

  2. I love this one, Steve. It has such a great message and the imagery is beautiful. This is my favorite line:

    “Locked behind bars, the heart aching freedom,”

    Isn’t that the way it is all too often? Bars of our own making, usually. The picture goes great with the poem.

    1. Thanks Gay, it was one of those where after I’d written it I read it back and thought, oo I quite like that one. I think most people have been there before, one way or another, Thanks again !

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