Easter Worship: SJ Murphy

I’m not a believer in God, but I do believe, as I say in another poem Layman’s Creed, which I posted a few days ago, that there was a good man, betrayed by a friend, who stood up for what he believed in and was punished and crucified for it.

I’ve read many books of The Bible and believe that the same stories; massacres, mass dispersal of people from their homelands and natural disasters, happen today: take a look at North Africa [this week] for the massacres and Rwanda many years ago, again North Africa this week for the dispersal of people and Japan over the last few weeks for natural disasters. There are similar stories from the past, all of which have made their way into The Bible under the auspices of Acts of God. I don’t have a problem with people believing they are Acts of God, I don’t believe it but they do and that’s all good in my world.

I took a photo while out walking yesterday which inspired a poem I wrote this morning – hope you enjoy it!

Ashridge via iPhone

Easter Worship

A sea of green, of branches in bloom:
A carpet of grass unmown

Trodden with feet in their thousands:
Escape to the sun and avoid the masses,

But avoid the masses you won’t have done:
The masses converged on this tranquil scene.

On bikes and on foot amusing the kids;
Egg hunts, nature trails and leaves.

Some went I imagine and did Easter proper –
But for most I imagine this was their grail.

No worship for me, or us, no God to speak of:
A Man, who gave His life, that we might worship free.

And choose what we do in our own way,
To remember the Man, and the man:

Give Thanks to the Man who forgave even the haters,
And remember the man who’s name we now avoid.


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