And now for something completely different …

I used to do a lot of photography, when I was about 20 [that’ll be 22 years ago now] I converted my older brothers bedroom [after he’d left home of course] into a darkroom and used to develop and print black and white photographs: I had some hung around the house at some point. I’ve been looking around trying to decide which camera to buy [within budget of course, gone are the days of seeing, liking, buying] for a while and I had the Fujifilm Finepix range in mind.

Reason 1 – I was on the south coast a few months ago and popped into a little sandwich shop for a coffee, there were some postcards for sale which looked more personally done than the mass produced ones. I asked the guy behind the counter who took the photographs and he had taken them, so I asked him what camera he used and he used a Fujifilm Finepix – seed sown.

Reason 2 – I follow a blog called Inkhaven – Annie is a very talented poet and a very talented photographer. I mentioned to her how I liked her photographs and she confirmed she also used a Fujifilm Finepix – job done, I was sold.

So I went out yesterday morning and invested in a mid range Fujifilm Finepix and below are just a couple of pictures I took this morning as the welcomed rain, after many weeks without, came down. I’d already written a Haiku while sitting in the conservatory watching and listening to the rain fall – so hope you like the first few shots from my Fujifilm Finepix camera [I used the multi-shot mode to capture the drip falling] … Followed by this morning’s Haiku.



Rain on arid land

Like intravenous gemstones

Bring life – life bringer


Have you just started or gone back to photography lately ? How did you find it ? Do you use your photos to inspire you to write ? Would love to hear your thoughts !


4 thoughts on “And now for something completely different …

  1. Thanks for dropping by Andrew – and thanks for the positive comments. I stopped by your website aswell, some great work there – I like landscapes, urban decay and portrait – although I’m never brave enough to walk up to people in the street and ask them if I can take a picture of them – yet ! Thanks again and look forward to seeing you somewhere soon 🙂

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