Like I Do: SJ Murphy

This poem is for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Celebration of Mother’s Day –

I miss you now – like I loved you then.

Reserved and sometimes cold:
I never remember hearing those three words –
From your lips but that’s not how we were –
It didn’t matter, you loved me and I knew that.

You saw me off – at the station –
When I went to fight: your face
Looking at me through the dusty carriage window
When I boarded the southbound train.

Off to be a man
And fight for Queen and Country:
You looked at me, as if,
You were never going to see me again.

The sadness in your eyes, I imagine, is how,
The sadness in my bloodshot eyes must have looked – when you –

Took your final breath

And I was never going to see you again.

A celebration this is supposed to be –
But I can’t celebrate when I miss you –

Like I do.


17 thoughts on “Like I Do: SJ Murphy

  1. It’s hard for mothers and their sons. We can love you to bits but sometimes worry if we are too soft with you. We can also worry that showing you our real emotions might be too much of a burden when you stride out into the world to do your thing.

    A touching poem Steve.

  2. This is beautiful…I felt your pain..and i remember how I watched my mom take her last breath and how I wish that she can see how much I miss her every day. Beautiful!

  3. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for leaving the lovely comments – they’re always much appreciated, thank you. I lost my Mum in 2000 – it sounds like a long time ago but sometimes it feels like just yesterday – I had to stop half way through writing this poem this morning, emotions flood through sometimes, and often when least expected – like when I’m driving – thanks everyone, I’ll be making the rounds to your blogs 🙂

  4. An excellent, moving tribute – there is a lot of tenderness and love bottled up within these words, and such truth as well. We do not always expressly say it…sometimes we just know, in the looks and the tender motions that pass between. Poignant feeling, and painful, to lose and to love, and to think of how they too must have felt when it was the son departing…

    My condolences. Some losses are always with us – but so too are the memories.

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