Adrift in a Mind – Audio Clips

I’ve been thinking for some time I should do some audio clips of some of the poems in my book  Adrift in a Mind – so here are just three of the poems from my book, and an extra poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago Hades Awaits: I hope you like them, please, if you do like them [or if you don’t for that matter] leave a comment – it would be much appreciated – thank you.

This poem is called Christinaki – it refers to a mayday call the ship I was serving on responded to –


This poem is called When You Left – it’s about the loss of my Mum –

When You Left

This poem is called Christmas Message – it’s a light-hearted slant on an age old theme –

Christmas Message

This poem is called Hades Awaits – it’s about wonderful times at sea – in calm and rough seas –

Hades Awaits

All feedback is much appreciated: have you done audio clips of your poems? I’d love to know how they were received.


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