Hand-in-hand: blogging and twitter

As far as I can see blogging and Twitter go hand-in-hand. I’ve only indulged in blogging since the beginning of January this year and I’ve had a Twitter account since last May but again only been tweeting *properly* for about the same amount of time.

I liken the two to a time gone by when a carpenter would toil away all week to produce his furniture, or a butcher would load his cart with his prize cuts of meat, and the two of them would take their wares to market on a Saturday or a Wednesday to sell.

Blogging is the craft, the product, a place where writers write, where photographers post their pictures, both practising their art and once they’re happy, publish for fellow bloggers to read or view, and if the blog reader feels inclined, leaves some feedback. I think a lot of bloggers will agree with me, good feedback is great but no-one will object to negative [if constructive] feedback. Rude or arrogant feedback can go take a running jump and be censored, blocked and reported for spam in the good new-fashioned way of the Internet Age.  Some bloggers will post their opinions on whether Ryan Giggs will be the next Manchester United Manager [with or without a super-injunction] and some blogs will be more popular and mainstream than others.

Blogs, such as mine, will have a small, but [hopefully] dedicated, following, and other blogs will have a huge, possibly more transient, following. This is due in turn to the subject matter – poetry is in a corner of every bookshop or library hidden away, almost as if the bookshop owner or the librarian are ashamed of it’s existence and it also has a similar place in the Inter Web Sphere [IWS]. But if you’re a poet, or a reader of poetry, and you’re like me, you take a little perverse satisfaction in knowing we have to go looking for our passion, and that we enjoy something other than the mainstream. Maybe you don’t agree, leave some feedback [but if it’s negative, be constructive for fear of the censorship fairies] if you feel differently.

So blogging, for me, is the fruit of the labour and Twitter is the market place – where fellow craftsmen [meant in the fully unisex *Man* version of craftsman of course] meet. As you’ll find at any local market place, Twitter [and blogging for that matter] allows you to meet like-minded people, exchange views, opinions, compliments and suggestions usually in a polite and socially acceptable manner. But as any market place there will always be that nutter in the corner, in plain view of everyone, shouting their mouth off too loudly.


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