The Bootmaker: SJ Murphy


"The Bootmaker" ~ image courtesy and copyright of Rob Hanson


“My name is Cliff and I make things,

you’ll catch me here from 8 thru 4 –

machines they purr and the radio sings,

sometimes here late but don’t pay more.

I don’t mind if the pay ain’t great

and I don’t mind if the boots don’t fit,

’cause when I’m done and I leave late

it’s home I go to my wife Kit.

And you know what – she’s the best ‘darn wife

a man could ever ask for

’cause she’s so fine and full of life

and she does things I don’t ask for.

From afar she’s washer and the baker

but oh my god she’s a fine bootmaker.”


I read [or did I sing?] the poem in my head with a deep southern accent – for me, Cliff doesn’t give a damn about the world but he’s happy and he’s a good guy – I like Cliff.

And here’s an audio clip of the poem in my best deep southern accent ~

The Bootmaker

This poem has been written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Photography and Poetry Challenge courtesy of prompts by Rob Hanson.


12 thoughts on “The Bootmaker: SJ Murphy

  1. Enjoyable little tune – it does indeed have that musical quality as it flows along. A musical conversation, taking Glynn’s note about it under consideration. Lovely tone, very down to earth – just a man telling us about his life, and not regretting a moment.

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