Mistaken Identity: SJ Murphy

sweat pours down your cold-flushed brow

your only crime to look like him

ripped flesh oozes gushing blood

in ecstasy the enemy screeches


one more knocker on peters door

you never knew – they weren’t your foe

angels wings drip youthful blood

and hell awaits the screechers


dante spoke at length of hell

purgatory no escape

for those who don’t repent at will

eternity spent burning screeching


I normally try to punctuate and capitalise in the right places but this being free verse and kind of down with the kids – do you get me ? – I have left them out – I hope it adds to the piece. For One Stop Poetry’s Monday Prompt.



8 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity: SJ Murphy

  1. Adds to the piece indeed! Thought this was a stunning write, freely expressed, with fantastic imagery! I share Louise’s reaction above to that particular line as well! great job!

  2. Interesting and dark, two of my favourite kinds of writing! Good job on the freeverse, Dante, well he had a lot of things to say about philosophy and religion, but lioke this poem, it remained under the allure of his words.

  3. And with Dante we are a spectator and puzzle the why of when, knowing the inevitability of the end, and not seeing a clear understanding as life clings to itself even to the end as other life seeks to strangle it. The way of the weed, the gang, the bully. Well done. Gay

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