July 4th: SJ Murphy


Battle of Princeton - courtesy of wikipedia


United they stood – to rid their land of tyranny;

Oppressors, agitators and slave runners:

The time had come to build a better world;

For homesteads, farmers and slaves.

A Declaration was made – and signed –

An Act of Abolition was made – and signed;

Bloodshed, heartache and upheaval:

All in the backdrop of war – for freedom.

As the fireworks fly and fat spits over hot coals:

Remembrance for those who fought

to rid the Free World, once and for all –

Of oppressors, agitators and slave runners.


Some very loose free-verse for the Free World and it’s coming about. Best wishes to my friends across the waters on this weekend of celebration and thanks to One Stop Poetry for the prompt !


4 thoughts on “July 4th: SJ Murphy

  1. always some that have to pay the price for us to live in freedom…esp. liked the line..As the fireworks fly and fat spits over hot coals…and then the remembrance..makes it very palpable

  2. and freedom does ring as a result of sacrifice – thank you for the excellent reminder of where we got that freedom from and from what

  3. It comes full circle. And what price freedom, and is it an illusion? I love the idea of freedom, but without laws, order, rules, and compliance which all curtail complete freedom, we have chaos. Well written. Gay

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