Blinded By Your Love: SJ Murphy


Embankment Station (c) SJ Murphy 2011


When we walked here among the hordes

all I saw – was love – in your eyes.


Thanks for the prompt Claudia – my first offering for dVerse.


25 thoughts on “Blinded By Your Love: SJ Murphy

  1. Sir Murphy! You made your first post count! You pack a wallop with this choice selection of words, weaved wonderfully together with the image to make the reader stop and say, Hey! Great post, poet! And welcome to the club 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Heaven and Natasha – I sometimes walk into a new bar, have a pint, sit in the corner, surveying the scene until ready to mix – thank you both for the warm welcome !

  3. Hey You in the corner Whassup!

    Your pic is awesome – a real scene setter – great choice,potry in itself.
    I sense brevity and class in your lines, subtle evocation and choice pointing.

    A hint of memory expanded and suspended.

    Poignant with a hint of melancholy – packs a velvet gloved punch Steve.

    Nice to meet you.

    1. Thanks for this comment – I often read other people’s poems who say so much in so few words and think exactly the same – so for you to say that about mine is awesome – thank you !

    1. Thanks Henry – the moment when there is so much around but you’re oblivious because of the eyes of someone you love – truly special moments – thanks for popping over and commenting !

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