It wasn’t what I expected
when I walked among the Mangrove trees.
Equatorial salination playing tricks
with a mind set in the hubbub of latte and fumes.

A desire to lounge on equatorial beaches
where grasses sprout in tufts
and huts the colour of rust, just a hint of green
on the other side of a coin tossed to decide the destination.

Life lived by the toss of a coin,
a roll of the dice, direction east or west
decided when blindfolded and
spun and spun – and spun

until dizzy –
until dizzy – dizzy – collapsing
from lack of substance among the longed for,
wished for Mangrove trees.


3 thoughts on “Dizzy

  1. vivid imagery your words have painted here.

    Hello, how are you?

    Hope all is well.

    What a thrill to land in your island of poetry with such lovely talent show.

    Please check out poets rally week 51 today.

    A free verse, a Haiku, or a poem of your choice is welcome.

    We are all about freedom of writing, disciplines, and positive mingling.

    Hope to see you be part of our community.

    Happy Thursday.

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