Ali, the prophet

I could talk about Ali until the cows
wandered lonely as a cloud.

Or I could talk about Churchill and Lady Astor
’cause he treated her as an equal.

Cassius changed his name, what a mover,
or I could talk about Tyson, and his hoover.

Bertrand Russell spoke of love and fear of life,
that’s not one to read wrong, or mis-hear.
And I “should” have said, to the wife
“No! It doesn’t look big in that Dear”.

But I keep coming back to Ali
and his shuffle and his sting:
some say he was a fool, or a dally
but he knew when – they would leave the ring.

For dVerse Poets week 17 – mine’s a beer – a large one !!

Chinese whispers have the ability to distort people’s perception of how things actually happened. Way back when poems, stories, myths and tales were only passed on by the spoken word have the hearer and consequent foreteller had the ability to add bits, snippets and make the tale, more “interesting” in it’s new version. Who knows how different Homer’s Odyssey was from what we now have as transcript ?

So this poem, playing with quotes and snippets is meant as a folly – with intended misinterpretations and muddled one liners until you hear from the horses “hoof” and Ali telling the onlookers when the fight would end.


9 thoughts on “Ali, the prophet

  1. i’m here with your beer..smiles..
    really like this..and always amazed about how stories were told mouth to mouth and passed on from one to the next generation…sad that this has been lost over the your play on ali..

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