Christmas Message

Christmas cards and fairy lights,
Christmas parties and raucous sites,
Christmas angels and silent nights.

Similar scene, this scene I guess,
Bedford to Brighton or Inverness,
the festive scene, a happy scene.

This described the festive norm,
this described the festive warm,
here, it’s happy, the festive scene.

But don’t forget the unfortunate one,
sharing the festive scene, alone,
no warmth, no comfort or company.

Share a moment, a penny or pound,
offer that lonely soul, “come round,
join in the joy, the company”.

Might get knocked back or “bugger off !”,
Might come round and scoff, scoff, scoff,
Be happy within, you’ve made the offer.

You never know, he might be wise,
He might be a bugger and tell terrible lies,
but you’ll never know unless you offer.

Christmas Message


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