Becoming Free

Anger’s built – within – over time:
every one of us knows it does no good.

I sit – and watch
the Blue Tit feed,
the Finch, the Blackbird and the Collared Dove.
As each bird flees,
my mind places a jigsaw piece
upon it’s wings:
a piece of burning anger
flies away on cherished wings
and doesn’t come back when next they feed.

the wings of flight
take away – and keep away
the puzzle pieces.
Content they’re not burdened
and content
with each exit flight
I become more free
of anger.


7 thoughts on “Becoming Free

  1. Nice image. Better too than writing down something on a piece of paper and watching burnt wisps of smoke take the thought or emotion away. A very private cleansing. I shall have to connect with my winged friends to see if they would do the same for me. Though these days thankfully there is less anger though some still tucked in memories corners, now in life there is just some confusion, and of course those things that one can do absoultely nothing about. Once your children fly from the nest you can or perhaps should only make suggestions when they ask.

  2. Hi Jules,

    thanks for the lovely comment !! I can feel anger drifting away and whilst watching the birds feed yesterday I had this wonderful feeling they were taking anger away with them. I’m not usually an angry person but as you obviously know there are times and episodes that take time for the “anger” to disperse. I’d love to hear if this method works to ease any angsts or confusions of your own 🙂 S x

    1. After tripping the other side of the big five oh… I’ve seemed to mellow out quite a bit. I try to be a half-full kind of person most of the time. Though some choices have to be made in order to live ones’ life more fully – like removing things that are frustrating and could lead to anquish and anger. I work near a water way and think that when I see the geese, gulls or even the crows I might request of them to disburse my grey-red tints of dis-ease. Might even be a poem in there somewhere… ~J

      1. I’ve come to understand the things that cause troubles as “triggers” and when I spot a trigger – I deal with it – sometimes head on – sometimes with a metaphorical back hander (because it came at me via the back door) – nice to “meet” you Jules 🙂 S x

      2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have visited you before… I enjoy ‘fishing’ in The River for inspiration. I also post longer verse at WritingOurWayHome in the group Daily Gatherings.
        One can always enjoy new friends and friendships!
        Peace. ~J

        I’ll pop over and have a look Jules – I’m sure I’ve “visited” that blog before 🙂 I find the “write a snippet a day” challenges a bit stifling but enjoy reading other’s verses 🙂

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