Hand in Hand on Worthing Beach

Worthing Beach (c) SJ Murphy


Hand in hand, along the shingle beach,
Not another soul, ahead or behind,
Two of us walk, alone, hand in hand,
Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.

Each flow, picks up, a myriad of pieces,
Of that shingle, everchanging,
Each ebb replaces, new shape assumed,
Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.

New shape assumed, a million times over,
Minute on minute, year on year,
The spectrum of possibilities, never exhausted,
Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.

Generation on generation, the ebb and the flow,
Never ceasing to assume a new shape,
Time after time, minute after minute,
Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.

Since time immemorial, or so we’re told,
Each flow picks up, each ebb replaces,
Like the good times, and the bad,
Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.

Wind comes and goes and leaves come and go,
There’s nothing eternal, like the ebb and the flow,
Nothing so constant and nothing so sure,
Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.

There’s nothing on this planet, this home of ours,
That keeps moving, keeps changing, minute on minute,
There’s nothing so special, when it’s just you and me,
Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.

For @dVersePoets #openlinknight


31 thoughts on “Hand in Hand on Worthing Beach

  1. A sense of both grandeur and intimacy, aeons of time and the present , well-woven together in this poem. The repetition is varied effectively and smoothly. Enjoyed it.

  2. I think you picked the perfect refrain here (Walking alone on the everchanging shingle.) as it captures so much going on in the poem – each stanza falls back into it – the everchanging part realised – everything here is unstable – it’s drifting and changing – yet despite it all nothing moves in that moment – very clever word-weaving here! I enjoyed reading this from dVerse! OT

  3. i dunno if that last comment took or not…love that this takes place on the beach as i love to walk there finding the rhythm of life once more amid that ebb and flow…everything changes yet still be walk…hand in hand…

  4. Very tender & romantic…(you softie, you) 😉 .I can just imagine being on that shingle beach. Love the sea and how it moves me…’the eternal ebb & flow’ ….just lovely 🙂

  5. I finally got a chance to catch up on your last three days. I wish you the best for all your goals. I’ve had a few things published in odd places, but nothing professionally. I enjoy my writing too much to worry about making money off of it. But it has been wonderful at writingourwayhome and writing small stones to get so much positive feedback. Since most of my family are talented in other ways. Thanks for your visits and kind words. ~J

    P.S. While my conflict is not completely resolved – I do feel I will be alble to sleep tonight.

    1. As and when you can make it Jules 🙂 I’m similar to you I’m not particularly interested in making money, it’s more the idea of something getting published, someone else liking it and maybe it being available to a larger audience – in print. Hoping the resolution is swift and sleep is sound 🙂

  6. Steve! Stunning weave…in love with your words in this piece! The ebb and flow has tickled my muse on more than one occasion, but I fear I’ve not handled it as beautifully as you do here. Read a loud, even better! Wishing you a fantastic 2012…and a Happy OpenLinkNight, of course!

    1. Thanks very much Kellie – I’m humbled by your kind words – I’ll pop over in a mo and read your looking in the eye – the title fills me with a sense of trepidation – looking forward to it !! 🙂

  7. Beautiful, very much like the ebb and flow. I couldn’t help but notice the repeated phrases. It reminds me of the wrapped refrain or the wreath form. Is this a specific form or did you pick the repeats to gain the effect? Whichever, it truly works here. Love it.

    1. Hi Beth !! Thanks very much – very glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t write the poem with any particular form in mind but did want some kind of stability in the every changing patterns settled by the passing water. I’ll check out the wreath form, thank you for bringing it to my attention !! 🙂

  8. Thurs Jan 5, 2012

    The Golden Goddess has overslept
    Or perhaps danced well into the night
    And her energy is not strong enough
    To break through what looks like a snow sky

    A blank grey canvas awaits the artists brush
    There is no sound, no creature stirring
    The oils are in their tubes with caps on tight
    Yet there are a few who have had color thoughts

    Faithful followers of the Poet Tree
    Who dare to share their part of the world
    To brighten those areas where time seems to stand still
    And the morning waits for tea kettles to whistle

    And perhaps eggs to fry to fortify
    The day that seems to sulk ahead
    Those business meetings that portend dread
    And too the reunions of family at the end of day

    Will there be snow falling
    The daily paper dutifully waits at the end of the drive
    And will stay there until I’ve dressed and muffled
    To protect my self from the cold…


    Steve if you are ever about in http://www.writingourwayhome.com please visit the group daily gathering an visit…. sometimes I have longer verse like this there. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Jules – nice poem and thanks for posting it here !!!!! I did have a look at WOWH but I couldn’t find the “daily gatherings” page (maybe I’m being thick) – can you help me out please 🙂

      1. I think you might have to be a member I am not sure on that. But Daily Gatherings is a group. You don’t have to do anything to become a member really. If you do become a member you will see a listing on the top of your ‘My Page’ called ‘groups’. You might be able to access the Groups through the WOWh Home page or blog. Not sure though. Would love to have you join WOWH even if the only reason was to read other writers and maybe post an encouraging word.

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