The Deity Awaits Execution

If you’ve read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad or seen Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now – you’ll know the story ~

Deep in the jungle
          hunter searches out prey.

Alone in a crowd
            man among boys
beads of sweat thinning blood, thoughts distorted.

Morning mist
      burns off
            leaving a void
                  like the void
when thoughts linger home.

Closer and closer
          the prey in sight
       bodies hanging
          beads of blood thinning sweat,

The prey
        Commands his troops
        A deity worshipped
        Every word the gospel
        According to Kurtz.

There to bear the killer blow
         how to deliver
            the executioner’s last tune
to eyes so sure

and leave the weak
                        to fend ?

Women and children
       among Hollow Men.

For @dVersePoets #openlinknight


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