Velleity is’s word of the day

A wish

A “mere” wish – unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it (is their definition of the word)

I was looking for a word and I was going to write a poem about that new found word. “Velleity” seems like such a “sad” word, the idea you have a wish, a dream, something you want to aspire to but then *pause* you do nothing about it. A wish that will sit in your head for the rest of your days – and you do nothing …….. nothing about it.

I saw her walking

with the morning breeze

a spring in her step

my heart raced

thoughts of growing old together

raced through my veins.

She walked and I followed

I followed until I stopped

and those thoughts changed to

growing old alone …. alone.


2 thoughts on “Velleity

  1. I like this idea of picking a word and then writing a poem on it. A sad but interesting word to pick – true. One thing I never get tired of though: learning new words. Great write, Steve!

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