Attic Room


The room of choice –
for Him.

As though – I’ve stepped from Earth
on – to another planet –
I’m but a couple of hours
from home.
The smells, the accents, the rolling – hills –
like ocean waves – the rolling – hills.

And this – this attic room with window
pointing – to the sky –
the drone of traffic far below.
I’m not allowed to see – the drone
of distant beings going
to distant places.

As though I’ve stepped from Earth –
into – His world – where words were written
and poems made …
Him, of course, the Him of English poe …
He fucks you up – they tried – he says they did.

It’s Him I speak of –




3 thoughts on “Attic Room

  1. really intriguing write….and an interesting bit of detachment in this….the being away from earth but in the attic….the rolling hills like waves of the ocean is a cool touch…not too familiar with larkin but will look him up

    1. Thanks Brian ! He was one of the first poets I ever read – very droll but has a wickedly dry sense of humour once you delve – there is very little he wrote I don’t have – hope you enjoy him as I do 🙂

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