Bringing Dunstable To Life …

… Central Bedfordshire College have brought Dunstable Town Centre to life by moving their annual end of year Art Exhibition from the college campus to 4 vacant shops in the heart of the Quadrant. Dunstable is no different to any other small town up and down the country – every time you walk through the town centre there’s another boarded up shop or that thing you went in to town to get – you can’t get because the shop has closed down. Well someone at the college had a great idea to bring a bit of life to proceedings.


For almost a week – starting tomorrow 21st June and going on until next Wednesday 26th June – the empty shops will have art installations on show and students and teachers will be on hand to discuss work and generally help viewers get around. The 4 shops are close in proximity to each other near the exit from the Quadrant onto High St North.

Tutor and Students
Tutor and Students

I really can’t think of a better way to use empty shop carcasses – I don’t know what financials are going on but I would hope the college have a good deal with the landlords and when I say that I mean I hope they are getting the space for free. This exhibition should increase the footfall in the town centre dramatically over the next few days.

photography art in an inch sized hole 7 6

While you’re in Dunstable don’t forget the college’s more permanent space at The Store – in between the college building and the Gary Cooper – where they are also exhibiting photography, sculpture, graphic art and graphic design.

Part of the Decomposition Project
Part of “Deconstruction”

The project was designed for the student to deconstruct something and work with it. This student deconstructed a doll and made casts of the component parts – I thought these pieces were fantastic!

If you are in the area in the next week it would be an hour well spent looking around the exhibition – grab a coffee from Costa and have a wander. I might see you there!

All the best



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