Mamiya C33

So I finally got out with the Mamiya C33 and have developed the first few films. Something I never did many years ago when I had a darkroom was develop my own films but now I am developing and printing them all. These few pictures were scanned onto CD by Jane at True Colour Imaging in Luton for me.

After much testing of the darkroom and not getting great results I figured out there was quite a bit of light leakage and after plugging holes and removing bulbs from some rogue lights I am now getting prints that are showing some good contrast.

Project14 is proceeding …

Sussex Way, N7
Sussex Way, N7
Sussex Way, N7
Sussex Way, N7
Ethan, Lakes at Wyboston
Ethan, Lakes at Wyboston
Doors, Lakes at Wyboston
Doors, Lakes at Wyboston

6 thoughts on “Mamiya C33

  1. Hi, Steve. Photos look great and you have done a fab job with your developing/printing. These really are great cameras and hope you have fun with your project. What darkroom kit are you using? I have a very old devere 54 LF enlarger and a LPL C7700 for MF and 35mm but have yet to print anything (just need chemicals now) so not long now i hope!! regards and keep shooting, Gary.

    1. Hey Gary – I wasn’t sure about the camera because I was having trouble in the darkroom but I got an amazingly sharp print in darkroom the other night. So for £120 I do indeed have an amazingly sharp camera – amazing !

      I’m using a Meopta enlarger which has a 50mm Minolta lens in it which is fine for 35mm negs but to print the 6×6 negs I need to get an 80mm lens which I will hopefully do this week. Looking forward to the results once I get that.

      Be careful with light leakage in the darkroom – make sure you only have your red or orange light. We had a couple of yellow lights one of which had a tiny tear in and that made for very flat prints. Once I sorted that out I was getting better contrast which I will work on more this week. I wasted a box of 50 sheets of 10×8 paper but then I had budgeted that paper to relearn the process and the final sheet came out good so I’m happy with that !

      The project I’m doing is to get around to places and people that influenced me through my life – the top two pictures are in North London around the corner from where I lived when I was very young. Now I know it’s all working good it’s time to crack on properly and get that set of prints !!

      We’ll have to get together once we both have some prints and compare notes !

  2. Hi Steve,

    Great article. A nice read and fantastic looking pictures. You’ve really nailed the processing and enlarging. Great exposure and rich contrast.

    I brought the C33 out of retirement today and shot a roll myself. Took me a while to get back into the swing of doing ‘everything’ myself and had forgotten how satisfying it can be with a TLR.

    On my next street photography outing I plan to use nothing but the Mamiya. Should be fun. 🙂

    Cheers, Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin,

      sorry for the shoddy response !!

      Yes I’ve really enjoyed developing my own films and getting the real white whites and black blacks that TriX 400 gives you. It took a bit of time getting used to the Mamiya TLR (no mirror which leads to everything in reverse in the viewfinder) but once you have that sorted (ish) and you are left with your square format you can just concentrate on the image.

      It’s great fun and I’d be keen to see what you’re able to get on your street photos !

      All the best

  3. Hi Steve, hope you’re still enjoying your time with your C33. I, at long last, developed my first roll from my C3 yesterday and was very happy with the results. Haven’t printed yet due to a faux pas buying wrong developer so look forward to seeing first prints soon. This first set of negatives are very thin so I have much more to learn. I actually prefer the mamiya over my Rollei at the moment but very happy now that I don’t have to send off films and wait days for the results! Keep shooting, speak soon. Gary.

    1. Great stuff Gary !! When you say thin ? I wonder is that in the taking of the pictures or the developing – I used Ilford DDX and didn’t make the solution up properly and got thin negs so reverted to Ilfotec LC29 I think it is and the negs had loads of contrast etc – be good to see some if you’re able to get to a shop that puts them in CD for you – keeeeeeeeep shooting 🙂

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