Project 14 – Chapter 2


I’ve got one brother, his name is Paul, and he’s 2 years 10 months and 6 days older than me – and I guess I was that annoying little brother, “Moi ?! C’est ne possible pas !” – well, OK, maybe it is. He was born in London in 1966, at St Bartholomews’ Hospital (“Barts” – WikiPedia tells me it’s the oldest hospital in Europe being founded in 1123) and it’s debatable if you can hear the sound of the Bow Bells from Barts so it’s not confirmed if we can call him a true cockerney, and I’m saying NO (maybe that’s the little brother thing – just there).


He visited this Easter weekend just gone and it was a great opportunity to catch up, and of course take some pictures for #Project14. Dad popped over with Joyce on Good Friday for lunch, bringing with him a leg of lamb to add to the silverside joint of beef we cooked and as you can imagine, we all ate far too much and drank far too much beer and wine. Dad does know how to cook a leg of lamb – I must take my hat off to him !

Dad – amongst books – his favourite thing …

Alex is Paul’s son and always comes down to see us when Paul comes. The last time he came was to go to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play Naples in the Emirates Cup – a two day pre season friendly tournament used to sharpen skills before the football season proper starts. Alex was a Manchester United supporter before last summer’s Emirates Cup but Paul bought him an Arsenal shirt and once he’d been in the Emirates Stadium he was hooked and now talks nothing of Man Utd but all about the Arsenal – a job well done I say.


So there we have it – another chapter in the life of #Project14 – I used the Mamiya C33 and black and white film to capture some pictures in the full ethos of #Project14 but thought it’d be rude not to capture the Welsh Contingent (another reason I’m sticking to the non-Cockerney status – he moved to Wales around the turn of the century) for blogging purposes – I do like the way these portraits have turned out. I think I’ll use this technique again !

Get in touch if you’d like some family photos done – email me direct –

Thanks for reading and please do come back again.

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