I grew up in Luton – you know – the one with the bad press. It’s not as bad as they make out, true, there has been a spate of trouble over the past few months but generally, underneath that cornucopia of bad press there is an underlying determination of good will and hard work that I believe will see Luton through.

This blog started off as a poetry blog (I love everything about poetry, words, when played with, can be both beautiful and frustrating but ultimately rewarding if arranged in a wondrous manner) but has taken on a life of its own recently. My good friend Paula suggested – after seeing some of my photographs – that I could make Lewsey Farm look good. Well that became a bit of a challenge for me so now I’m doing a weekly post to find the good things in and around Luton but more specifically I’ll be trying to focus on LU4 (Lewsey Farm) where the level of trouble has escalated since January this year (2013).

I was in the Royal Navy for 15 years, I left 12 years ago and have worked as a Systems Administrator, Project Manager and am currently self-employed working for a variety of clients mainly in a retail environment. I’m a Jack of all trades, part-time techie, part-time project manager and part-time tool monkey – on job descriptions I think they call it “must have an adaptable approach and can-do attitude”.

I’ve written a book of poetry and self-published it, Adrift in a Mind is available here if you want to have a look.

Thanks for visiting !!


21 thoughts on “About Steve

  1. very nice to meet you Steve. i’ll be sure to check out your poetry book, congrats!! i love what i’ve seen & i’m excited to read more. ONE Love

  2. Hi Steve, I found your blog after a search for Shop 33 – your blog was listed on their facebook page. I love the stuff you have done around Luton, I agree with your sentiments entirely! I did a photography project on chicken and chip shops in Luton a few years ago. Keep it up, Luton needs documenting as much as anywhere else!

    1. Thanks very much and yes it does – I’m sending pictures and articles to local and national rags but they don’t seem to want to know the good side – we’ll see !

      Be great to see what you did with the chicken and chip shops ! You had plenty of choice – great idea !

      Best of luck with your 30 days project – the Roux boys’ loss I say πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Steve – just wondered if you wanted to remove the apostrophe (and not post this comment!) in “taken on a life of its’ own recently”

    When it is just a possessive (ie the life belonging to it) it doesn’t need the apostrophe at all (like his, we don’t say his’ or hi’s), the only time you need an apostrophe is when it’s short for “it is” (like I have just used it 5 words ago!)

    1. Haha I’d rather make the change and leave your comment – thanks very much – always up for a bit of critiquing πŸ™‚ So what happens when – the hat of John is too big – is it not – John’s hat is too big ?

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