Adrift in a Mind is my first collection of poetry which I self-published using Lulu. The poems in Adrift in a Mind are poems I have written over the last two or three years: I’ve been writing poetry for many years.

Experiences such as being on board HMS Herald in the North Atlantic, in a force 10 storm with the resultant fifteen metre swells, when we received a mayday call from MV Christinaki taking on water, inspired the poems Christinaki and Neptune’s Wrath. Here are a few lines from Neptune’s Wrath;

You’ll die a nasty death (spitting, gargling)
Of the sea, be thrown o’erboard and taken down.
The crashing, breaking, churning, sea of salt,
No aide, no rescue, no Neptune’s crown,

Will save you from the danger of the sea.
If you don’t heed the warning,


And here is an audio clip of myself reading Christinaki ~ Christinaki

It is available to buy via Lulu here.

Thank you for taking the time to look.

I hope you enjoy Adrift in a Mind.



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