Alone, in a crowded place

Slowly – she passes
Through the sunken streets
Under windows
Under eyes

Each window
A view from a secret world
A thousand worlds
In isolation

Just one Buongiorno
From window to window
Across a sunken street
Full of life – and love

The isolation lifts
With one fruitful good morning
Isolation lifts
And the buzz of life begins



Morning Mist

Morning Mist,
Oh, Morning Mist.

Observed from hilltop vantage point.

Like morning haze
Glaze left on morning eyes
Wo-ken from sleep
Too soon.

One leaf, two leaves

Tree in Winter (c) SJ Murphy

One leaf, two leaves
Three leaves, four

Lasted through the winter gales
Await new leaves to push through
Once the springtime thaw begins

I’ve stood and watched you many times
Expecting next time you’ll be gone
You’ve held strong – and for that I applaud

Strong while all around you fell
You’ll take your place among the mulch
But ’til then stand strong and paint

A picture of abandonment
A picture of solitude
A picture of dignity

One leaf, two leaves
Three leaves, four

Poems in Tuck Magazine

Wooooohooooo – two of my poems have been published in the February issue of Tuck Magazine, an online monthly featuring ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, FLASH-FICTION, BOOK REVIEWS and of course POETRY. Please pop over and have a look, this is where my poems are TUCK MAGAZINE but when you’ve had a look at my work, please spend some time there and have a look at other people’s poems, photographs and art work. There’s some great stuff there.

Thanks very much to Val and the TUCK Team for including my poems ! I’ve submitted some photographs which I’m hoping will appear on the TUCK pages at some time in the near future – so watch this space.

Steve 🙂