Happy New Year

Just thought I’d say happy new year – sorry I haven’t been posting much recently – here’s a little sketch I did – I went to Castleton Caves (better known as Devil’s Arse) when I was in the Peak District in November. Hope you like it – click the button if you do 😉



Plans for 2012

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a little here: I thought I’d share with you a few of the things I’m planning for 2012.

Book(s) – 1. I’ve had an idea for a combo book for some time. I love poetry and I love photography and I’d say I love them both with equal passion. I’m planning on combining my favourite poems with my favourite photographs and putting them into a “coffee table” style book, one that people can pick up and put down as and when they feel like taking a look at a few (hopefully) well composed photographs and a few (hopefully, again) thought provoking poems. I don’t have a title, I’m guessing that will be self-explanatory once the final product has been put together.
2. I’d like to get a collection of poetry together and send it off to publishers: I’ve self published a collection, it’s called Adrift in a Mind it’s available at Lulu.com (have a look at the page above if you fancy a look). I went down the self publishing route for my first book because I’m an impatient bugger and just wanted to get a book in print. That’s been in print for nearly a year now and I’m more relaxed about the whole thing so now it’s time to see if my poetry gets any interest in the “real” world of publishing.

Photography – I had a collection of photographs exhibiting at Eat Inn in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire (UK) which I took out just before Christmas. Pamela, the owner, asked me to make sure I was able to come back with some more photographs in February/March once the coffee shop/deli had been refurbished and ready for some fresh images. Pamela’s enthusiasm is very encouraging and of course to have a second batch of photographs to exhibit is also very exciting. Pamela likes to promote local artists – it brings life to her coffee shop/deli. She has also had a few copies of my poetry book in the coffee shop which has apparently had quite a bit of interest. With Pamela’s permission – once it’s complete, my new poetry/photography combo book will grace a coffee table (or two).

Walking – I’m planning a few walking trips around the UK. A friend I joined the Royal Navy with in 1987 has recently left the navy and settled in the northeast of Scotland, he’s invited me up so when Scotland thaws I’ll be heading up there. I love the Peak District so another weekend around Ladybower and maybe even staying at Crookhill Farm again is in order. I’d also like to go to the Lake District or Dartmoor – I haven’t decided which one I’ll get to this year yet – could be decided upon which I think will offer the better photographic opportunities.

So, I’ve got a few plans for 2012, I’m really looking forward to this new year and everything it has to offer and of course updating this blog as and when I have something interesting to offer.

All the very best for 2012 and thanks for stopping by.


PS I’d like to read more blogs – if you have a blog you’d like to share please put a link in the comments box below and I’ll link it to make sure I pop over often.