Happy New Year

Just thought I’d say happy new year – sorry I haven’t been posting much recently – here’s a little sketch I did – I went to Castleton Caves (better known as Devil’s Arse) when I was in the Peak District in November. Hope you like it – click the button if you do 😉



Weathered Face

(c) SJ Murphy

Rainbow coloured fields blaze their beauty
across the valley, over open water;
afternoon sun behind, Derwent Moor ahead.

Just minutes to spare
one lonely cloud at a time
casts shadows on proud expectant hilltop boulders.

Like chests puffed with afternoon sun
beating on weathered faces:
boulders tease the unknowing closer.

As the sun emerges, from behind the lonely cloud,
ray upon glorious ray of sun
shine on edges proud – and weathered.

(c) SJ Murphy

I wrote this poem a little bedraggled and aching lots yesterday evening after walking in the Peak District – this is the view I got when I awoke this morning.

(c) SJ Murphy