Tommy’s love: a father’s love

Port Isaac - Cornwall

Walking, peering over the cliff edge,
walking the high coastal path:
a warm summer breeze
rushes in off the sea.

Tiniest of brackish droplets
leave the skin – salt flecked:
I raise a hand to shield my eyes
from the charging Atlantic spray.

An old narrow road drops down
into this small fishing hamlet:
where boats, nets and crates
litter harbour walls and sun shaded alleys.

Todays’ catch fills the air
with the freshest perfume:
salivating with just the thought
of what lunch will bring – today.

The fresh faced Ailla, awaiting exam results,
delivers dawn’s mackerel catch:
watching eyes of Tommy, from under the brim
of his favourite Fiddler cap.

Tommy’s long, now greying, beard has shielded
flesh from many a rough day at sea;
with love he watches Ailla and knows
she’ll escape this tiny hamlet soon.

Wind battered boats, the thrill of the sea
crashing house high into the harbour walls,
nor the narrowest of cobbled streets,
will hold his beloved from venturing far.


Shamrock 609

Worthing Beach (c) SJ Murphy

Night closes across the water
and up
comes the sun.

I’m Shamrock 609, that’s
six – oh – nine

I’m Shamrock 609, that’s
six … you know how it goes.

The Shamrock’s for luck
And the
‘s to break the monotony.

The pitch and the roll,
they take their toll;
a full lobster pot,
a heroin shot.

Alone, in a crowded place

Slowly – she passes
Through the sunken streets
Under windows
Under eyes

Each window
A view from a secret world
A thousand worlds
In isolation

Just one Buongiorno
From window to window
Across a sunken street
Full of life – and love

The isolation lifts
With one fruitful good morning
Isolation lifts
And the buzz of life begins


One leaf, two leaves

Tree in Winter (c) SJ Murphy

One leaf, two leaves
Three leaves, four

Lasted through the winter gales
Await new leaves to push through
Once the springtime thaw begins

I’ve stood and watched you many times
Expecting next time you’ll be gone
You’ve held strong – and for that I applaud

Strong while all around you fell
You’ll take your place among the mulch
But ’til then stand strong and paint

A picture of abandonment
A picture of solitude
A picture of dignity

One leaf, two leaves
Three leaves, four

Photographs Featured in The River

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to The River Journal who are featuring 3 of my photographs in their featured art section – obviously I’m very excited and want to thank all at The River for liking my pictures enough to feature them in their bi-weekly magazine. You can see the pictures here The River.

As always once you’ve had a look at my pictures please spend some time there and look at what else The River has to offer – lots of talent and lots of interesting stuff on the “Featured” pages – grab a coffee and have a look around, you won’t be disappointed !!

Thanks again Sheila and the guys at The River !!