Knocking, and knocking

My world stood still
for but a few minutes

My world stood still
for what felt like hours

Before it began, was over
and onto the next

Take stock, look closer within
where knocks have knocked

And have the knocks knocked
but I’ve come back – strong

My world stood still
but already

it’s moving again

Somewhere between here and there

Bright open eyes
Soaking sun, wind and rain
Inwards, downwards through my veins:
Breathing the elements in,
Consuming their worth, their beauty.

Bright open eyes
Myriad colours dancing
Strong winter wind rushing through my veins:
Sharp winter breeze
Awakened senses.

Bright open eyes
Blood pumping, adrenalin rushing
Like lightning through my veins:
Rush of power, stood legs wide
And looking to the stars.

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