Check out Gumb0 @ Gumb0x

I’ve started a new blog – it’s all about my trials and tribulations in the world of Python Programming. I’m having a go at learning a programming language – something I should have done many years ago. Pop over and have a read – it’s started off on quite a funny foot – even if I say so myself.

Headover – it’s – I got the name from Dave – you’ve seen pictures of Dave – he’s the lead guitarist in Percy’s Blues Jam below – they are Gin House Delta – go find them on YouTube – AFTER you’ve been over to Gumb0x of course !! Dave has always given me a pat on the back with a “Good work Gumbo” or “Well done Gumbo” on occasions he gets wiff I’ve actually done something close to being clever.

Be good to see you @ Gumb0x if you get the chance to pop over.