Lakes4Volvo at Wyboston, Bedfordshire – “it’s old school”

As old school family businesses go, “Lakes for Volvos” in Wyboston, Bedfordshire is a true gem. I have recently become the proud owner of a rather old 2.3l Volvo 850 T5 (T5 being the fast one, the one used by the police in years gone by) .

LA(K)ES for Volvos at Wyboston
LA(K)ES for Volvos at Wyboston

More often than I’d hoped in the last couple of weeks I’ve visited Wyboston in the hope to find the fix to my ongoing breakdowns and too frequent calls to the fourth emergency service.

Whilst there yesterday and talking to the owners I thought they deserved a piece being written about them so I returned this morning with my camera.

Cars for sale on the forecourt attracting northbound A1 traffic

All day long the phone rings, it was never off the hook while I was there this morning and the stream of visitors through the door kept part-owner Barry at the office.

The place is run by Barry and Bernard who have run their business at Wyboston for nearly 30 years. Bernard’s Grandson Ethan (18) was busy breaking an 850, he works weekends in the workshop while he’s at college studying Economics and Politics “A” Level, he’s got his exams this summer and is expected to pass with As all round.

A “seen better days” engine block
Not a key out of place – Barry and Bernard know where every key for every car is – all 300+ of them
Barry trying to answer a customer’s query
Bernard, Barry’s brother and part-owner of the business
Ethan works weekends dismantling Volvos while he studies for A levels at college
Ethan taking a break

Barry is very proud of the fact they work in an “old school” fashion doing honest and fair business with customers who return time and time again.